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Thread: need tool to get my DVD work..using red hat linux

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    need tool to get my DVD work..using red hat linux

    I'have succesly intalled my red hat linux 7.2..but unfortunately..I couldn't find....tool/manual....how to activated DVD..in laptop..(even in www.redhat.com).....Anyone have ..information..about that???
    And I reckon red hat linux..is..really coollllllll stufffff..

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    do u mean software to play your dvd's?
    if so u can download xine a dvd player for linux like windvd from http://xine.sourceforge.net
    to play encyrpted dvd's (which they all seem to be) u need a plugin for xine
    i use d5d plugin located @ http://www.captaincss.tk
    it also has menu support which xine currently doesnt handle by itself
    they are pretty easy to setup after u read the docs, if u have any troubles setting it up email or pm me and i will do my best to help

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    try ogle http://www.dtek.chalmers.se/groups/dvd/
    it will play encrypted and unencrypted DVD's. I have used it on Red Hat 7.1 and Mandrake 8.2.
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