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    Shell Questions

    Hey All, my friend recently bought a shell account company and is now selling them. My question is simple.. Can someone reply with saying the good use's of having a shell account? Thank you.

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    Learning about *nix systems. People new to *nix want to learn how it works, the filesystem, and the power before they use it, and shells provide a good way to do just that. And another good reason for wanting a shell is for development tools. Many software developers feel that windows lacks the power to build good software, and so use *nix compilers, as well, as other tools to build good software. Those are the 2 main reasons people want a shell, some systems require users to submit an application for a free shell, and others require proof of a software project(open source), and give shells out to those working on one to promote open source software.

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    Oh, Okay. Thanks for the information!

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    To hack people DoS, telnet, irc... Coding, etc.

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