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    Lost Local Admin Password

    Not sure if I'm even suppose to ask this here, but.......
    I was going to re-image a server CD tower with NT Server on it. It hasn't been used in a while and no one knows local admin password.
    I went into setup and changed the boot sequence so as to boot from CD. It still won't do it. Using a boot disk I'm able to get into DOS, but does anyone know how I could pull local admin password from there or some other way to re-load NT Server on it?

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    Your just going to have to re-install the OS.

    EDIT: I will add that there are ways to do it, but not myself or anyone else is at liberty to tell you how. Happy hunting.

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    xmaddness is right. Format and reload the OS.

    If this was a social engneering ploy to get the admin pass, nice try.

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    What about the NT Password & Registry Editor?

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    Hmm...what about the domain admin password? If you can get in on that, you should be good to change the local admin password.

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    I think so too, jezter6 ... the "domain admin" is normally able to change the local admin passwd by default!!!!

    \"Imagination is more important than knowledge\" (A. Einstein)

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    Thanks for the comments,
    Well, the machine hasn't been on domain for quite a while, so using network admin rights isnt an option, and I set it in the BIOS screen to boot from CD-ROM, but it isnt working either.
    I did find a way to pull the SAM file out through DOS, so I just have to crack it now.
    Thank you for your comments and help.

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    I think I should help him... It sounds legit......
    /me has a moment of weakness

    Ok, Go here and read up.... This disk does everything.... I once lost my 2k Admin password and was stuck for a while without a computer

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    Windows NT, no?
    U can open the PC? If u can do it:
    * put the HD in other PC as slave
    * rename the file logon.scr as logon.scr.old
    * rename cmd.exe as logon.scr
    * put the HD on server
    * power on
    * wait until cmd.exe run
    * u have admin rigths...

    U can use the user manager too.


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    If you're administering a win NT/2k network then a good tool to have is the Winternals Admin Pack (found at http://www.winternals.com) Lot's of programs included to make your adminstration of that NT network easier. I've used it a bit and would reccomend it to just about anyone. Hope this helps.

    -the eeshman

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