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    look...do a password dump of the Samba. If you cannot do that you are 1)a scriptkiddy, 2)it ain't your sys and you are lying to us, 3)you don't know so much about comps...do a password dump and save the Samba to a disk then you can crack it with a comp that you can access. I give you no more details or help because this is a suspicious question to me and I am not the only one wondering about your motives. If you cannot do this, you'd better reformat and if it ain't yours we know you won't!

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    Has anyone here tried the Windows NT Password & Registry Editor? Everytime I mention it, no one reacts to it. We use it if we get locked out of a system at work.

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    On NT you should be able to run setup and select repair. Make sure that the security box is checked, when it goes through the registry it usally clears the local password as long as it's not a domain controller.

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