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    CAN ANy ONe HELP me(info))))))))))))

    i am a begginer and i want to learn some basic things on hacking because i plant to become a hacker for the gov or some thing like that right now i am teaching my self begging programing and next year i am going to get A++ setifyed so i would like someone to eather tell me a good site to learn the tricks of the trade or some book. THANKS any other info will help

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    Re: CAN ANy ONe HELP me(info))))))))))))

    Originally posted here by christof_great
    A++ setifyed
    It's pathetic when someone can go for a certification they can't even spell. I'm also A+ Certified, but I'm going to stay away from the A++ Serifyed for Lame Script Kiddies....

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    You want to be a hacker for the g'vt, huh? I do not really understand its exact nature amist the copious spelling errors, but if I do understand you right, you really need to do a few things before you get negged to death:

    1) Read the AntiOnline FAQ located here: http://www.antionline.com/misc.php?action=faq
    2) Make sure you are specific when asking a question of this nature, especially if you are a newbie.
    3) Read the welcome letter that was in your e-mail.

    I understand everybody is a newbie at one time or another, and people do make mistakes, but there is no excuse for not reading the FAQ first.


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    i agree with alittlebitnumb you really should take time to read things like the faq *there their for a reason* and no site or book will teach you the *tricks of the trade* as you put it. hacking comes with expierience not 1 or 2 tutorials you would need to look at hacking in a whole new light if u think you cant just pick up and go. i assume you are willing to be on the security aspect of it to if not know 1 here will teach you how to be 31337 to impresess your friend`s just my 0.02p
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