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Thread: error while connectin'

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    error while connectin'

    Is anyone familiar with sub7, you see i have this slight problem
    when i type the ip address of the computer i want to connect to
    it starts connecting, but after a while it says "error while connectin"
    i've tryed everything, i even installed sub7 on the computer i want
    to connect to, and also the bit about editing the server, which fields
    should i fill in, and what should i put in these fields, I don't know if this is
    relavant, but both the computer i'm trying to connect to and the
    computer i'm on are both windows 98. PLease help it will be very

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    IceyJ32uk, I cannot believe you asked this question.

    Did you read the FAQ? No.
    Did you read your welcome mail? No.
    Did you post a question that will get you banned? Yes.

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    okay, first off, stop using Sub7. Not only is it an inferior program to ost other "hacking without the work" utilities, it's a bitch to set up and it's finnicky. However, it's rather popular, showing you the mentality of the average 10th grader with a 56K connection and a bit of free time at Hackers.com.

    Now, the gist:

    In order to make Sub7 work, you have to configure the program BEFORE you install it on the computer you're connecting to. Set up the proper port to connect to, a password if you like, and THEN install it. When the person comes online, obtain their IP address (I will assume, for your sake, that you know how to do that) and plug it into the Sub7 client program, along with the port and password you selected. That should work.

    Now, erase Sub7.. and for that matter everything in windows\system ... Linux and Unix are for more hacker-friendly and (though they do require more thought) will be a boon in the long run when people start trying to use Sub7 on YOU.
    Hic ego barbarus, sum quillo non intelligor illis.
    Because they do not understand me, I am a barbarian.

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