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Thread: No More NetSyN

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    No More NetSyN

    something major came up in my life which has lead me to some rash decisions...

    1. No more dateing for a long period of time (i need to heal this time)
    2. I no longer have time for IRC and have said my good byes in my major chats
    3. Sorry to say.. No more posting on AO (i need more time for my life to grow.. and sorry to say AO cannot offer me anything i need right now nor can any website)
    4. A lot less online time (surfing, chatting, email, are basicly to a holt and i will now focus my attension on my friends and family)
    5. i am not going to continue to do self mutilation... use to do it for years and something happebed today that made me do sumthing to my body i will never forgive myself for the rest of my life

    so sadly to say this is my FINAL good bye....

    its been great people and i please do ask you for some final request
    2. Do not PM me asking me to stay because i will not!
    3. do not say i will be back, because i will not be and i state everything on this
    4. do not say anything to try and make me stay!
    5. rename AO after me j/k

    been great guys

    my final big goodbyes go to theres users

    DrTooker, Negative, Remote Access, gamer, GURL, techiechick (even with out differences), BRAD (you were very fun to talk too), and last but of course FAR from least JP for all the hard work and dedication you put into this site..

    Good Bye,
    and rember love last forever, so wait till forever ends before you fall in love again
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    Worth should be judged on quality... Not apperance... Anyone can sell you **** inside a pretty box.. The only real gift then is the box..

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    hmmm.. a goodbye post.. I remember some of them from the past.. and how everyone one
    would tell you that it was impossible to leave.. blah blah.. and what was said about intolerances to goodbye posts... whatever..

    I wish you the best.. goodbye..

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    Sucks. See ya bro. Been nice talking with ya. AIM: mnsonfrkofworld to keep in touch.

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