Hey Kids-

As far as the hacking world is concerned, i consider myself a newbie. I have experience in some programming languages including C and C++, python, javascript, and have just started to learn Perl(seems fairly simple). Also i ran linux on my dad's PC when i was like 16, does that count? Anyway my interests are pretty broad and i like to learn everything about everything and then some. and it seems like i've read almost every tutorial and textfile devoted to hacking in some way. But for me the only way to learn is through experience. So if anyone would like to take a pretty intelligent guy under their wing for a little while to do some really hacking, i would be much obliged.


By "real hacking" naturally i just mean finding gaps in security that could possibly be exploited. And correct me if i'm wrong, but i do believe exploiting security problems to get a better understanding and therefore patch up mistakes is often referred to as "hacking" as well. Sorry for the little mixup.

EDIT#2....just so ya know
I'm still getting negative responses just because people take the wording wrong...hmm..how fair is that...Ok well just for ppl who hang on to Hollywood's definition of the word "hacker" i took an excerpt from webopedia.com:

"hacker Last modified: February 5, 2002

A slang term for a computer enthusiast, i.e., a person who enjoys learning programming languages and computer systems and can often be considered an expert on the subject(s). Among professional programmers, depending on how it used, the term can be either complimentary or derogatory, although it is developing an increasingly derogatory connotation. The pejorative sense of hacker is becoming more prominent largely because the popular press has coopted the term to refer to individuals who gain unauthorized access to computer systems for the purpose of stealing and corrupting data. Hackers, themselves, maintain that the proper term for such individuals is cracker."

There ya go...if people's minds are still closed after this then i do not want to be a part of this society. Especially if everyone's mind is trained to think ONE WAY and one way only.

BTW for the few that gave me positive reinforcement...thanks..at least some people have more than half a brain and don't get hung up on words and stereotypes.