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Thread: Question? - No More NetSYN

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    Question? - No More NetSYN

    I'm not trying to be funny in any way... This is a serious question. You guys have known NetSYN a lot longer than I have, but I get the feeling that his last post here: http://www.antionline.com/showthread...hreadid=233020 was maybe intended to be a suicide note? He seems to be real depressed and claiming to NEVER come back.... I just don't see why someone would claim to want to give up everything??? I just hope it wasn't a plead to get attention, because that would be sick!!!.... Just wish you well NetSyN... Hope you change your mind, and decide to join the community again...

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    No, I do not think it is a suicide note. I think NetSyn is trying to reorganize his priorities in life and is saying there is more to life than the computer and AntiOnline. I am sad to see him go (he had some decent posts), but I applaud his decision to move on and do the things he likes to do.

    If it is indeed a suicide note, I want to tell him that I cannot stop him from doing it, but as a person who thought of suicide seriously for about two years and was a victim of a father who committed suicide by sucking on a car tailpipe is that nobody wants to die only have the pain stop, whatever the source of the pain might be. If that is the case, the truth is no matter what the suicidal person might think, there are people that depend on him/her, and there is nothing worth dying over. We all die prematurely enough as it is.

    Whatever the case, ALL suicidal thoughts are a cry for help and almost always are pre announced in some subtle to brazen way before the deed is done, and requires immediate attention by somebody, and should NEVER be taken lightly.

    NetSyn, are you reorganizing your life, or planning to take it?

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    You haven't been around very long yet. Quite often, when people are leaving the site for one reason or another, they leave a "farewell" message. Most of the time, they come back within a week. JP did ban one user from a "farewell" message saying since he was gone, the account didn't need to be there any more, and we haven't seen any more since then. It isn't a suicide note, but maybe an unsuicide note. Something has happened and its finally time for him to get off his computer once in a while, and get a life. Maybe get some sun on that pasty white skin of his.
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    I do appreciate you guys explaining this, I don't know if there are others that felt the same way, but after I read it. I was quite disturbed, I thought it was a subliminal suicide note. I understand getting more social outside your life of Technology and applaud his efforts. However, I do not think I could give up my gaming, AO, and the PC. I could possibly give up my forums, but to give up everything. I couldn't do it. I hope he does show up again. I sure has h377 wouldn't hold his word of never coming back against him...

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    NetSyn is merely taking a higher charge of his life and devoting it to more attention needed things such as family and whatnot and not fully directed towards Computers and AntiOnline. I wish him the best of luck, I hope that his life goes well, and I hope he fixes and problems he might have with his life. Good Luck to you NetSyn.

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    Re: Question? - No More NetSYN

    Best of luck NetSyn.
    i m gone,thx everyone for so much fun and good info.
    cheers and good bye

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    Unhappy I was just getting to know him...

    Good luck NetSyn, I hope you will at least sneak in now and then and check up on us. I know that I told you that you will never lose that love you have, I hope you realize that life will keep on keepin on, and that your decision to get all of your ducks in a row is a good one. I spent almost three years in seclusion after a deal such as you went through, It was very hard and I concidered suicide and drugs and all sorts of stoopid alternatives to having to deal with any woman ever again, 22 years later I am over the hurting, but there will forever be an empty spot there wher she once was, and my wife I now have is starting a new excavation as we speak. You will be a better person for it, if you follow your rules in your goodbye, you will ultimately prevale. Just remeber it as a lesson, not a failure.
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