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Thread: HP's new tagline

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    HP's new tagline

    Almost as bad as "Dude your getting a Dell" but at least Dell makes a decent PC.

    HP has come up with this gem. I can say from my line of work that HP makes absolute sh*t for home PCs...

    "Its not just a PC. Its a HP"


    anyone else find this amusing yet corny as hell??

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    At work we have all HP Vectra's which I do not have any issue with. I never tried Dell's workstations, but as far as home machines...all the major brands suck. The only good brand for a home machine is alienware or some brand that will give you decent hardware. Otherwise buy a business machine or a server for hom. That's what my main workstation is, an IBM X200.
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    No. It was really a typo on HP's part. It should read:

    "It's not a PC. It's an HP."

    As for the "Dude, you are getting a Dell (which was posted quite a while back), is probably one of the most successful yet the dumbest batch of commercials I have ever seen. But as everybody knows, stupid, sex, and popular sells.

    As for the HP image, the personal line of PC's were really your REALLY low-end, budget boxes that are way over-priced. That's what gets me. HP makes decent servers and printers, why not give the little man a break and sell your budget boxes for $350-$400. That's what they are worth...at the most.

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    How about the re-sell value on HP's. I was looking to buy a my first PC when I left home, and lone and behold I found a refurbished PC at Wal-Mart. It was their $799 model refurbished for $250. I was happy with it. Made a couple upgrades, and it did fine for a year and a half. Now, I have my home made and a Dell Dimension 8100. All I can say is... Refurbished for $250, you can't go wrong... "well, I would say $300. it did need some upgrades "

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    Joey_Batch_File, now I would buy an HP for that kind of money. It's perfect for those people like me that do not have a whole lot of money. $799 is just too overpriced. Like you said, add some more memory, a bigger HDD and you are set for a quite a while.

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    If only I could get rid of my HP 6360. This was given to me three days after I bought the refurbished one at Wal Mart (By the way) The one I bought refurbished was a Pentium Celeron 400 MHz, 64MB RAM, and a 8GB Hard drive.... It really wasn't bad for $250. I upgraded the Video Card, Sound Card, RAM, Hard Drive, and overclocked it and sold it for a little over what I paid when I got my new PC. Now I have a PC taking up space, and I wich I could get a couple bucks for it.... How much do you think I could get for an HP 6360? 133MHz, 128MB RAM, 10GB Hard Drive, (w/ or w/o a NVidia Vanta 16MB Video Card)??? I'm trying to save up for a larger hard drive in my home made. I have an 80GB in my Dell and a 20GB in my home made. I would like to pick up another 80GB or more...

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    every computer I have every owned are built from scratch. I either buy the new parts from my boss or from friends. My home computer started out as a pentium 90 and has been upgraded over the years to a AMD Athlon 650 now. Bought the SOYO motherboard and 650 Athlon from a friend for 50 bucks. Everything works perfect except onboard USB doesnt work but I have a PCI USB card so not bad.
    The only experiances I have had with prebuilt off the shelf computers a the very new ones and I just set them up. I dont use them so I dont have any beefs with any of them.
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    well dell make good pc's as far as ive experienced (got a second hand one), only thing i dont like about pre-built pc's is the (usual) lack of an AGP slot, im not sure about the really new stuff but thats what ive seen most of the time.

    and yes HP make good stuff too, never had a HP pc, but their printers are reliable all the time, had one for 3 years and the only reason it started playing up was becoz i didnt realise you had to service them every so often (silly me)

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    I have an HP that I love. I have some problems with it, but it stems more from operator ignorance than a problem with the computer itself. I got a great price on it, and added about $200 worth of hardware upgrades, (RAM and HDD) and it's a fantastic little home computer. I have absolutely no complaints, and when I was shopping, I looked into Dell also, and got more for my money with HP, plus they are much easier to deal with IMO. I had to send it back for repair almost as soon as I bought it, the power supply burned out. They paid for the shipping both ways, and had it back to me, from my door to theirs and back again, in one week exactly. I really can't complain. The power supply part sucked, but you're gonna get bad parts every now and then. It was just one of those freak things.

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    I like my old compaq deskpro. . .oh, boo-hoo, no more compaq, it's been eaten. . .
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