OK, so it's not like it's my first post, but here goes...

I've recently (since Jan/02) enrolled in an IT course after a decade of Automotive and Warehouse
monkey jobs, being laid off due to economic blahblahblah...I've been messing around with computers since
grade 5 (Holy SIMM chips, am I that #@(4ing old?) with Apple II*'s, Macs and the earliest PC's (and was
continually amazed by a friend's Amiga's performance even into the late 486/ early Pentiums). I've had a
more than a few jobs directly involved with computers (I was even a barcode in the DB of an AS/400! w00t!)
and a penchant for memorizing seemingly trivial, but increasingly useful knowledge of various technologies.

I guess it's taken me this long to get out of Geek Denial mainly because like music, I enjoy tinkering with computers
(amongst other things, heh), and I never wanted to turn a cool hobby into a job. So after years of being bent over
by various companies who can get other monkeys to do what I did ( and it happened...), I bit the bullet. Why?
Because I have the patience and the experience to fix what I can, and (sometimes) the logic to figure out what
causes the really odd problems. So why not get more experience, get the Certs (more on that later), and get
a career/job that I can really grow into? I _am_ a Geek, and proud of it. It's about time I started getting paid for it.
Not everybody can do what we do (I've already had friends and family ask me Tech Support questions. "Dad,
what OS is on your Company laptop?""Uh, Windows 2000 ver.98." "okay...").

Anyhoo, I stumbled across this site, and found good people asking great questions. The fact that not all of the
questions are specifically Tech oriented leads me to believe that there are some well-rounded, humourous
and intelligent people on this site. I think I'll stay...

Future AO Addict...