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Thread: Those Pesky Metal Detectors

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    Those Pesky Metal Detectors

    This was done by me and a few of my buddies at the local university, and it all happened by chance.

    While walking past the metal detectors (illegal book detectors? what the hell do you call 'em?), wearing our headphones, we heard a high rining noise from our headphones. The noise grew as we got closer to the detector, and softer as we were farther away.

    So who gives a rats behind? Well, for one, you test to see which detectors are working, and which ones are not. Use your imagination to figure out the rest.

    I in now way condone stealing books from the library - because you can always steal it offa the 'net If anyone knows more about this topic, or detecting security devices (in general), any follow ups would be great!

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    Hum, wonder if that interferes with a wide spread of frequencies... If so, wouldn't that be agains FCC regulations or something?

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    No, this isn't a violation of FCC rules. On the back of most everyhting battery powered is the little list of interference codes. (as i grab my calculator)

    "(1) This device may not cause harful interference and
    (2) This device may accept any interference recieved, incuding interference that may cause undesired operation."

    More or less the FCC knows that some interference is required.. hell, you've got waves from your computer perforating your skin right now, and every radio station that you can pick up anywhere around your house is coursing right through your brain... Interference is literally EVERYWHERE, even when you take out the electronics. In the case of this little tale, the detector uses a sensor to pick up a sensitive little magnet in the shoplifter tags they put in books. When they run it over a powerful enough magnet (like at the counter), it polarizes it for a second and you can walk out unsuspected.

    Not that your own magnet would work.
    And not that it's a very simple procedure, provided you have a strong enough magnet.
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    Hmm, I know of one really interesting way to detect security devices and radio equipment such as comms (communications) or surveilence (bugs,cams, etc) Leave a television on, its that simple. A few police and military operations have had problems because the tangos that were about to get busted had a television on, and the high freqs used by the radio and surveilence equipment caused "snow" on the screen, which tipped off the bad guys since the tv wasnt prone to snow. Now I know a few people are thinking "but anything can cause interference, like a vaccume or a blender, etc" Thats true, but if your running a meth or other drug lab, and are paranoid, its enough reason to look out side, only to see a black van and a swat team stacking up at your front door.
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    I had a bad expierence at an airport about 2 years ago. (before 9-11) I was listening to a CD in my laptop as I was walking through the airport, and I went to go through the metal detectors. I don't think the laptops have to be off when you put them on the belt, but for some reason the monitor for the machine died when the laptop went inside.

    Maybe it was because of the laptop being on, or the motor spinning the CD, or just the music coming out of the headphones, but it shutdown the machine for a good 5 minutes before they got it back up, and I got a harsh verbal treatment. It was cool though. They understood, and I went to go snowboarding like I was supposed to without a hitch after than.

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