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Thread: just bought "Hackers Challenge"

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    just bought "Hackers Challenge"

    Hey guys, I recently picked up a copy of "Hackers Challenge - Test your incident response skilsl using 20 real life senarios". Its an absolutely fablous book and I recommend it to anyone whos interested in Computer Forensics and Computer Security. Their are 20 real life senarios and at the end of each chapter, you have to answer questions based on the information, ie log files, timestamps, md5 checksums etc.

    Like I said if its Computer Security / Forensics, this book is a must.

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    I saw that book at a bookstore i skimmed it

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    Thanks for the review, I was actually thinking about running out and getting a copy of that but haven't had time to see what ppl were saying about it. Thanks

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    Its a pretty good book, but somewhat unrealistic. If I was ever going over my log files and they looked the the ones shown in that book, I would be incredibly scared. They have greped the parts of the logs that are revelant to the case at hand, and thrown out the 1000s of other lines in the files, which makes the book pretty simple.
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    I pulled the book out in the book store and flipped through it. I should prolly try it.
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    My only gripe is that about half of them were too simple to be a challenge.

    I'd like to see another book like this, with more and better scenarios. The Honeynet challeges are much more interesting overall - they would make a better book.

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    I really enjoyed this book. I read it in about a week laying on the beach... Although I am a newbie, I found that my knowledge (at least in the scenarios they had) is far more than a year ago. I have also read about 4 others in the past year dealing with security along with my school texts and other Linux books.

    I have to say that the security books are way more interesting.


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    Hmm... Sounds interesting! Good thing my g/f works in a bookstore!
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    i seen that book in a bookstore a week ago!

    Skim, through it, but bought Learning Python instead.

    Maybe, get it this soon

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