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Thread: Prgramming help please!!!

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    Prgramming help please!!!

    Lately I have taken an interest to try learning a programming language. I would like some opinions on what language I should learn. I would also like to know a site or book that you would recommend for the language. Thanks
    ps sorry for the stupid post I made early I typed it very fast and did not read what I wrote. I seriously thought this site was based on hacking info. for fun. I read about this site in a beginning-programming book and this site was described under a title called hacking for hire. The description of antiOnline.com was “provides news and hacking tools, along with a network of computers on which hackers can safely and legally expand their skills"

    Now do you see how I could have been confused?

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    christof_great, do a site search on programming. It's there. There is a forum search on the upper-right corner of the site and you will see many threads covering this subject.

    Also, since programming is so vast and flavorful in many platforms, it's hard to say which is "best" to learn from. If you want my opinion (which is not much to begin with, you should ask ammo, he's a good programmer), I would start with C++, it's available for almost every platform and nice compilers are available for free. However, this is not the easiest language in the world (well, next to assembly) but once you get it, you will never look back.

    Lastly, you posted another thread regarding what AntiOnline was about and why you were confused. Either edit the last part of your post, or delete the other thread to not send both into suicidal heaven.


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    Christof_great!, hey! planning to be come hacker or wormer? Just a sort of advice! to be come a hacker is not easy, its to risky but I'm not discouraging you, you need to learn a lot
    about the world of computers.
    You better learn C language first, so that it is easy for you to lear C++,Java,Linux,Pearl and more. C,C++,Linux and other structured languages are the best tools. They are powerful for
    C and Assembly can almost take you an internal control of the machine and you have the ultimate control of your entire program.

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    Correcting you, it's perl. lol, I'd recommend VisualBasic, C, and Perl.

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    A good one to start with is pascal. Get turbopascal and start trying out some basics, thats a nice way to get introduced to programming, you could learn basic as well, its ok. Learning a simple language is a good way to get started with the more complex ones. You could start learning delphi, just because it is nice and has lots of really comprehensive tutorials online and you can make some pretty cool stuff with it.

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    If you never ever programmed before, start with the very basic languages: Qbasic or batch. Then build up to c++, you don't have to do c if you don't want to. Finally to make you real 1337, learn assembler and you can do anything.
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    When you start learning programming languages, it really comes down to the fact that the language itself isn't important it's the fact that your learning how to program. Once you learn one language it's quite a bit easyer to learn others, I'd suggest not starting with VB or the other visual languages for that matter. Even tho they are easyer to learn they don't teach some of the fundamentals that other languages do. C++ is a good start, java is good, pearl is good, c is good but less wanted on the job front.
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