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    I seriously thought this site was based on hacking info. for fun. I read about this site in a beginning-programming book and this site was described under a title called hacking for hire. The description of antiOnline.com was “provides news and hacking tools, along with a network of computers on which hackers can safely and legally expand their skills"

    Now do you see how I could have been confused?

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    christof_great, because the author of your book did not bother to read the main focus of this site and the FAQ, and nor did you.

    I understand you are a newbie and everybody makes mistakes, but this post is only going to send you to the cesspool. Please, delete this thread and start posting things that are within the site guidelines.


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    I too suggest you close this thread and this isn't even a newbie question

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    it is a absolutly a newbee question and a very ligitamite one at that. This site is billed all over the internet as a place to learn to hack.

    From the main page of antionlines source code:

    <META NAME="keywords" CONTENT="Computer Security,Hacking,Hacker,Crackers,Virus,Virii,Webpages,DOS,Denial of Service,files,links,encryption,spoofing,news,texts,password,port monitors,key logger,phreaking,boxes,wardialers,patches,exploits,fixes,hot fixes,antionline,bugs,technology,">

    <TITLE>AntiOnline - Computer Security - Hacking & Hackers</title>

    and if you go and read the banners of NerOrder, Hackers and mostly all the rest they same the same thing as this sites banners.

    Here's the tools they promised you christof_great:


    the news link appears to have dissapeared unless i missed it. but its almost a game here to be the first to post news of interest. just read the posts and you'll know more than most

    And JP said around the time he put this up:

    AntiOnline's Project Wargame
    Subscribe to this Forum
    There have been no posts in the last (never) in this forum.
    ~~~the actuall amout of days listed is not right~~~
    there was going to be a network of computers for us to play on in a couple of weeks, that was a few months ago. i thinl ive lost hope on yhat one

    Its still the best site on the net for learning christof_great, just gotta be carefull what you say these days. people are acting kinda strange.
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    your right, people are acting different than they were a few months ago, i know im not really the one to be saying this since im stilla newbie but ive been reading the forums since april when i signed up(admittedly to get programs to try and be a 'hacker') and since then the antipoints system has come about and people have become mean and greedy as well...just people changing....
    I did not come here to tell you how it is going to end, I came here to tell you how it was going to begin. I\'m going to hang up this phone, then I\'m going to tell these people what you don\'t want them to hear.

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    Originally posted here by alittlebitnumb
    but this post is only going to send you to the cesspool
    hmmm, I doubt that, look at all the positives!
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    Many places still refer to this site as what it was a few years ago. At one point, AI was all hacking new. It became a forum about a year ago. As far as the wargames, AI was associated with happyhacker, which was hosting wargames a couple years ago. People change and sites evolve. There is still a lot of good "hacking" information on this site, you just have to know how to find it.

    mrcoffee12> The antipoint system has been around since before I became a member. It just became more powerful within the last couple of months.

    people have become mean and greedy as well...just people changing....
    Thats another thing that I have noticed. A lot of people have been blaming suicided threads and all the animostiy on the senior memebers, or those people that have a lot of antipoints. If you look at this thread, only 2 people were rude to the original poster. One of them, although an addict, has only 3 green dots, and has only been around for a couple of months. The other has a total of 26 posts. Then you see Tedob1 with all 11 dots and 1150+ posts showing some form of support. This is not a site to learn how to hack and become a script kiddie, but it is all in the way the infromation is presented. You could do a lot of damage with some of the tutorial on this site. It just depends on how you put that information to use.

    btw tedob1>The news feeds came down a long time ago, but there is a rumor that they will be comming back in the not to distant future.....
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    hmmm, I doubt that, look at all the positives!
    Yer right. I stand corrected

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