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    red box

    i have heard about "red box "ie., when connected to the net through a phone line,the phone bill will not thake place ,when we connect the red box to it;is there any red box which stops phone billing when connected to the net?
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    As far as I know, not that i am an expert, a redbox is any device that can emulate the tones that a pay fone makes there by ticking the fone into thinking that money has been inserted.

    By the way, assuming I am correct, does this method still work today?

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    As Kahless720 said, a redbox is a device used to simulate the tones made by a payphone to signify that you have placed money into it. But they don't work any more. Maybe in some out of the way hick town in the middle of the ocean, but not anyplace that i have heard of. The box was never connected to anything. You simply placed the speaker next to the mouthpicece and punched in the tones.

    Doing this for the net would have been the exact same thing. Actually, a blue box would have probably been the best way to do it, but those don't do it anymore either. Considering the internet is run on the exact same system as the phones, the answer to your question is no. Well, you may be able to do it if you wanted to connect to the internet through a moded cell phone, but not from a land line...
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