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    Macros In Microsoft Word

    This is kind of cool.

    When you're in Microsoft Word if you press Alt+F8 a little window pops up. You can type in a name and a macro will be created. Now you can use Visual Basic code. On my school's computers you can only access certain programs like MS Publisher and MS Word (I think my school is obsessed with Microsoft).
    Sub Test()
    Shell "c:\windows\explorer.exe"
    End Sub
    Now I can open any program I want. This opens Windows explorer... I'm sure there are many creative things you can do with the macro feature.

    I'm not sure how many people know about this. If you know any other things like this; feel free to post them here. I love little tricks that are simple but useful .

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    Actually Toxic-ram, suggest you go to the tuts here and newbie section. This has been known for some time, ever hear of the "I Love You" virus? And there are much much older viri that use this what is it M$ said when they put it in a customer enhanced OS? Also hit http://www.goggle.com and most anti viri sites. Just cause you just figured it out does not mean it is new Would suggest you research and learn first and post second
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    TechTV's How To's has a list of them....

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