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Thread: Log in error

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    Jul 2002
    Suspect, who's avatar laggs your computer and why?

    Thanks guys for all your suggestions. I will try deleting the cookie.

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    Feb 2002
    Ok this is wierd
    I just checked and i can not find a AO cookie
    i accept AO cookies
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    May 2002


    Originally posted here by alittlebitnumb
    I have heard of another poster saying there were still logged in after a reformat!
    strange, this system sure is great!
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    Suspect, who's avatar laggs your computer and why?
    It's probably mine. If it was, oh well. I cannot please everybody.

    Prankster, the post I was referring to was this thread: http://www.antionline.com/showthread...ighlight=login and you are right, this site works just fine for me.

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    -> YES, I am having that problem RIGHT NOW, in fact, I hope to be able to finish this post, since my last two got wiped when I had to re-login. Getting a PAGE EXPIRED notice along with the un-logging of my account every minute or so...
    -> I haven't changed anything on my computer configuration, and this as never happened before. My symptoms are EXACTLY as you described, when I went to post a reply or hit HOME or even the other links on FORUM ladder, I am no longer logged in.
    -> NOT a cookie thing.
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    Jul 2002
    Hey cutty,
    I think it has something to do with your cookies>> i once had this prpoblem once, but as you've said, it just stated happening few days ago and you've haven't changed any of your settings>>
    yeah, you may be right, but you just have to lower the settings to "accept all" lower it to the minimum settings, and this will surely work. But after that you may them wish to set it back to your favourite settings.
    Don't forget to click the apply botton before the O.k. botton and also give it the "lowest " settings NOT medium/higer meduim /

    I hope this helps.

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    Happens to me all the time. I posted this post once already and got booted off in the time it took to write it!! This was done in a text editor so I can copy and paste it in. Tried deleting the cookie, but to no avail. I find this site extremely useful, but frustrating as I often don't post due to the hassle involved.

    And now... I brought up my home page, went back to antionline and find that I am logged in!

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    OK Gang, I know JP and his people have been having server problems lately, AO was off the net for a few hours on Monday and Tuesday. I am not sure if the problems your having is related to the server problems, but, you may have to just live with this little problem until JP gets his system(s) stabilized.


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    Jul 2001

    This is a problem on the user's end, not on our end.

    thread closed.

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