Good RH Linux Firewall?
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Thread: Good RH Linux Firewall?

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    Arrow Good RH Linux Firewall?

    I'm running RedHat 7.3 and a DSL connection.

    The connection is always on, so there is always a problem with my computer being secure.

    When I run Windows XP on the same computer(dual-boot) I use Tiny Personal Firewall.

    Any suggestions on a good firewall that is compatible with RH 7.3?

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    Check out the tutorials forum... I would suggest setting up IP tables. There's a great tutorial (if you do a search or scan the forum you'll find it).


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    i did a search in google and came up with this site it looks az if it holds some good info
    hope this can be of some help
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    IP Tables. Pure and Simple.
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    I've been working on a tutorial for Ip Tables and wanted to know how much of an effect do they have oppose to a firewall? Thank you!

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    Try the Linux Documentation Project.

    The Mourani Guide is old but good.

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    Make that link

    Sorry about the link, it my dislexia

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