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Thread: Helped bail JP out?

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    Helped bail JP out?

    I have noticed that some peeps have a little link above there avatar's that say "helped bail JP out" but the link is dead...so wut happened...if it is ok to ask of course
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    How many more posts like this are gonna be made?

    He was raising money for a disease/sickness. He was "in jail" and people were to give money to bail him out, which would contribute to that fund he was helping with.

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    This was just brought up two days ago... search the forums.

    Oh, and delete this thread while you're at it.


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    dam u don't got to get all pissy at me now..i was just asking a question...jezz
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    Yes, but most people at AO tend to do a search to see if their question had already been answered by somebody else. Take cwk9 for example, on one of his news posts, he said he was sorry if it had already been posted but he had done a search and hadn't found it. Try that, because AO has so many threads that lots of questions people ask have already been answered.

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    -> DELETE the THREAD! why waste the space on your thread when others have already covered the same ground? the time it took to post your little retort took longer than deleting the whole thread... enjoy your negative points, son.
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