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Thread: Help! Please! XP is HORRIBLE!

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    Okay.. I went around looking for drivers on the LG CD-RW.. I was looking for nearly 3 hours and I finally found it on the bottom of some driver forum.. Didn't work.. So.. I was able to find a generic cd-rom driver for the LG.. Now I just have to get a copy of Nero..

    As for the Java.. I'll have to try those sites... Thanks guys.. So far..

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    Xp Pro......the BEST thing that ever happened to me!!!

    Be good........

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    Re: Help! Please! XP is HORRIBLE!

    Originally posted here by kraftwerk
    Okay.. I have two problems.. First..

    Second.. I've been looking for a driver.. For: LG CD-RW CED-8080B with Windows XP Professional support.. The CD-Rom was working for a short while.. But the drivers were out of date, and I was unable to burn CDs..

    Please help! Thank you so much..
    nah it has nothing to do with updating the cd program because i remember when i had that problem and i updated so much and it never worked, so then i took my sorry butt down to best buy at 10 am and i told them the problem so they tell me ok well it has something to do with your machine were gunna have to take it down to the factory im like " hell naw" my computer is my respirator so then this really nice person took my computer apart and did his techie thing and OMG it worked! but the funny thing was it worked fine one day and then stopped the next so what i suggest to you is if you have a warranty or willing to pay $$$ go to where u bought ur computer at and demand they fix it! i wish u the best luck

    btw i waited 3 hours inline for this to be done

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    Don't they have a download for WinXp for Java. It's weird cuz mine came with it already.

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    JC, Windows XP (as far as I know from what I've read) did not come with Java Virtual Machine, but it was available as a download via the WindowsUpdate site. After problems with Sun Microsystems, though, they took the JVM off the site and said they would incorporate it into XP SP1. Since then, however, rumor has it they once again pulled it out, but I'm not sure. I have the full JVM downloaded onto one of my servers so I can install it if/when I format one of my XP machines, that way I don't have to worry about it.

    As for the CD-RW question, kraftwerk, I still stand behind the idea that you don't need any updated drivers for your CD-RW. If your Windows installation detects that there is a CD drive present and installs the proper drivers, you're fine. Since you're having problems, it's most likely because your CD writing software does not support the drive. The only way to resolve that is to try installing an update for your CD writer. Roxio Easy CD Creator Basic, for example, supports many more CD writers than the Platinum version, because there have been more updates released for Basic since it is what comes preinstalled with computers which have agreements with Roxio (you can then upgrade to Platinum for $99 or something). In my experience, though, CD writers that weren't supported by Roxio were supported by Nero - Burning Rom, and there are many updates released to further the supprt every few weeks. Download the trial of Nero - Burning Rom from and see if it resolves your problems. I'm fairly certain it will.


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    Thanks, guys..

    The Java download worked great, thank you guys.. As for either Roxio or Nero, I'll have to wait on that, unless I get a burned copy.. Thanks again..

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    cant you find in

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    just for your information. JAVA isnt installed by default with Windows XP. due to JAVA being owned by SUN MICROSYSTEMS. Microsoft wanted revenge on the *nix developers. (if youd like to say) so they dont install it by default. you will have to install it yourself or get a third party JAVA compiler.

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    Professional Is far better!

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