I've come across 2 interesting apps for battling SPAM recently. One is donationware, the other a $29.95 that is enjoying moderate use in the enterprise setting. I thought that I would share my findings on one, while providing links to both for my fellow AOers'. The donationware is the one I am currently evaluating, and I am well pleased thus far. It is called Mail Washer, available as a free download at www.mailwasher.net . It functions well for the home user, has a very short learning curve, and lets you bounce undesirable email. It even makes recommendations by checking the senders addy against several blacklists. The second product (I haven't tryed this one out YET) is called IHateSPAM, available at www.sunbeltsoftware.com , is a client based tool with built-in admin tools. I have been holding off on this one because of a soon-to-be-released upgrade that offers more flexibility to the admin. Hope you folks don't mind the post...just wanted to share!