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Thread: macros in outlook

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    macros in outlook

    Is there any way I can set up a macro to create a mailing list.

    What im hoping to do is write an email then be able to send it to the specified recipients, possibly multiple copies. Ive had a go, but i'm not good without the 'record' macro function.

    Come to think of it, I could probably use a mailbomb program, but i can do without the people getting thousands of emails.
    Or are there any email programs that allow you to send multiple copies?

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    All I can offer is that you carry on practising with the record macro function. I haven't much experience with Outlook, but I beleive anything you can do with your mouse within the program, can be recoded to a macro. You should be able to work it out in the end.
    Also, if you know any Visual Basic, you should be able to use that within a macro. To use it, press Alt-F11 to open VBA...

    Good Luck

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