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Thread: FreeBSD?

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    so I have a bunch of p2's sitting around and im thinking "why no use';em to learn on?" So now its later and I have one left. Ive decided to put FreeBSD on it, now I am a newbie to linux but im an even bigger noob when it comes to FreeBSD. I was woundering if there were any FreeBSD peopl on AO that could give a few pointers to a newbie. Sites would also be great! (other then fbsd's main site, and other sites that could be found via google or what have you!) thanks alot! maybe one day I could help you guys!

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    lewzer, wow, I wish I had a bunch of PII's to learn from Anyway, there are many, many links available for *NIX flavors out there, and FreeBSD is no exception. Here is a link I found that may be of use to you, and yes, it was found on www.google.com : http://www.knowledgehound.com/topics/OSs.htm#unix

    I have FreeBSD installed, but I am learning just like you, and still have a long way to go to learn how to use it right

    maybe one day I could help you guys!
    We look forward to that. And good luck

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    http://www.google.com <--Search for FreeBSD or FreeBSD Help. That's about the best way to get things done with me!

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    If you're new the *nix environments, you're going to have a lot of difficulties getting FreeBSD to a point where it's set up perfectly for you (at least in my experience of helping people with their *nix systems). If you want to learn, I would suggest starting with a flavor of Linux first (either Red Hat or Mandrake, since they are easiest for newbies) and going from there. If you stay with FreeBSD, though, and need any help, PM me and I can probably help you out.


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    i would add that the reference "The Complete FreeBSD" by Greg Lehey is by and large one of the best composite resources available for the money.

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