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Thread: security on broadband

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    Question security on broadband

    is a broadband connection secure..? do proxies work with them... i m taking about the connection u get through the cable and need lan card for that. I have heared that it is not secure at all and hackers can have an easy access to it . help me i m planning to switch over to broadband...

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    A broadband connection is in my opion so secure or unsecure as an lowband connection.
    The only problems are that you probaly got a static ip adress, that you will be online
    more often than with a modem and that your connection speed is more interesting for

    But dont worry.
    Install a firewall like Zone Alarm, Sygate or Outpost.
    This will close your ports and makes it harder to find your computer in the net.

    Then install a actual version of a antivir program, check regulary for updates
    and scan your box for trojans and viren (I dont know the English plural for virus).

    And deactivate netbios and file and printer sharing on your pc if you dont need it,
    the TCP / IP protocol is the only one you need for surfing the web so just deinstall
    the other network protocols.

    Well, these are my thoughts to this topic, hope I could help.

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    Is broadband secure is the question....well is the internet secure? The answer is no. What you are doing is providing more bandwidth for whoever to access you system that lives on a public connection. Mind you this is without any type of router, firewall, proxy, etc. IF this is your personal connection I would recomend a router/firewall like a Linksys (et. al.) type device. Personally I do not lik software firewalls. I have seen limitation with them and have had them block things that I do not want them to block. I agree with monoton is that you need Anti-Virus software and you need to keep current with the virus defs... Many of them now allow the software to automatically check for updates. Good Luck..
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    security of any kind of anything is just as secure as weakest link in your security ring. besides firewall , and other type of known security means you must also take care of what you visit , what you download etc. etc. and keep yourself updated , it makes you better secured .

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    If you want to check how secure your connection is, go to www.dslreports.com and click on the DSLTools link. A score of 0 is perfect, and their system will make suggestions as to what you can do to improve your security status.
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