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    Tweak UI

    Does anyone know where I can find Tweak UI 1.33, I checked the M$ site and to no suprise the link takes you to a dead page.

    Or can someone give me a program that is as good (or better) as Tweak UI.

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    I use something called FreshUI, I think it might do similar things to TweakUI, you can get it from http://www.freshdevices.com/


    PS: Please or thankyou would have been nice.
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    Oldest version I have is 2.61...send me an email if you want it.
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    http://www.pcworld.com/downloads/fil...id,2803,00.asp here`s alink to the file in question hope this helps
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    If you want 1.33, PM me and I can send it to you. Also, if you have XP, the XP PowerToys include a newer version of TweakUI specifically suited for the new OS (NOTE: If you use .NET server, you need a different version of TweakUI as well... one which hasn't officially been released yet, but it's been leaked out on a few sites).


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