We "The guys with [FB-Army] before our names" have been invited onto your system by JoeyBatchFile via a AIM conversation we had. During our conversation, I explained a situation I had where I wanted to run an interlinked LAN Areana throughout our military base, but would not be able to perform this task on the BASE Network, until I adheared to everyone of their security issues. Joey had mentioned he is a member of a computer security organization that takes members from every level and background, and helps them with almost any problem to the best of their ability. I thought this was a dream come true. After the conversation I had mentioned it to about 10 other people, and we decided we would all join. To make it easier to tell eachother apart we used our Clan name "FB - stands for football, all but two of us played football in HighSchool" "Army - is because we are all enlisted in the United States Army". Using our clan name was supposed to slim the chances of our prefered nick being already in use. Once we had all joined, I received a message from User, Dirk, and Joker stating that we were not wanted. They all got these negative comments, and their AO page said their account is close to being banned. I personally would like to know what we did to deserve this, so I contacted Joey on AIM, and confronted him about this, and he said he had no idea why this is happening. We would really like to stick with your community, and Joey swears that it is worth the harrassment we have been through, and most likely will be through again. I have decided to give it a try myself, and see what it is all about. If you could remove that warning message from the others page, I think they may come back also. Its all up to you guys if you would like us to stay or not.