You know, most people make their first post in roll call, a forum that doesn't appear to support any type of reply. In a way, that is understandable. What I can't understand is the assignment of AP's just for saying hello. As an example, a group of soldiers just joined our community, and several are close to being banned just because of their nicknames. Sorry folks, but that is no way to treat people. I'm honestly beginning to think that the roll call forum has become a preferred method of 'balancing' APs, and I think that needs to change. We, as responsible members of this community, should have the patience to reserve our judgment of new members until they have made posts of substance and revealed their true motivations thru those posts. This is not a whine, but as another own 'roll call' post got negged for being TOO POLITE! Thats a bunch of crap, and we all know it. If you guys want to neg me out of existence for saying this, then go right ahead...'cause if thats how things are here, I don't have any business being here anyway. We shouldn't slap people for saying hello or having a nick we don't like or understand....that borders on bigotry IMHO.