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Thread: AO Hours

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    Post AO Hours

    I was just wondering, how much does everyone surf AO everyday? Like, give me an average of hours based on hours per day and hours per week. Mine would be, 4-5 hours a day and around a maximum of 30-35 hours a week. What are your hours on AO?

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    Probably roughly the same as yours, JCHosting Admin.
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    I surf this site roughly double the amount you do every day. I don't post a WHOLE lot, but I do come on here all the time.

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    Hmm.. During the summer, my time is doubled but during the fall/spring/winter, my time is the time above. Anyone else?

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    I almost live here
    I spend about 50 hours a week here
    I work funny hours,i work 12 hour shifts 2 day, 2 night ,4 days off
    So i have plenty of time
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    Generally, while I'm doing any work at home (either working on a client's computer, troubleshooting remote systems/networks, updating my business's finances, etc.) I'm also on here... I'd say average of 2-3 hours a day when not working, and 6-8 if I'm working.


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    Lately, I've been on the website about 4 hours, and spending time having conversations in IRC about 6 hours. Usually I idle in IRC if my computer is up.

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    erm, I'd say I spend about 2 hours a day here max.
    but normally that's in short bursts of like 10 mins or something. Post something, wait come back, you know the drill.

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    hmmm...i think im in the same area as jhenx, except that if you watched me, it would say i was here 24hrs a day because theres always a AO window up, but actually here, id say probably about 14 hrs a day, somedays more somedays less, that means im here about 98hrs a week, wow, if i could just get paid for this id be set

    i think my schedule is something like...get up(about 10)eat, get online(here and mail),go riding(bout 12 or 1)comeback and get online again(bout 2 or 3)find some dinner(bout 9)get back online(bout 9.30)maybe play some games, and be here til about 2 or 3...that adds up to...wow, about 14 dunno what i would do without a computer
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