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Thread: ebay on AO?

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    ebay on AO?

    Hey All,

    A few weeks ago, some of us were (braging, gloathing) about the deals we got at yardsales, thrift stores and so for computer equipment and so. I was thinking, that while some of us may have 'puter 'ware layin' around collecting dust, it might be of some use to others on this site.

    What I'm proposing is an auction section to this site for; computer parts, software, manuals, gear, and non-computer related items. (kinda a suggestion to the different sections of auctions too, i guess...)

    I'm aware that some people are on this site, just as idiots and I do agree that some will believe that some will enter insane amounts of bids just to ruin the whole bid. What if it was another "site earned benefits" with a certain amount of posts or points? Once someone reaches AO addict status, they usually remain on this site as established members (exceptions are JRoc and Freeon...)

    What do other people think? I trust the people on this site much more that I trust the people on any other community. We're all here to help learn and what better place for a "market"?

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    intresting idea tyger - im all for it

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    I think this was suggested once, but I can't find it in the archives. I think this sort of thing is better left to reputable companies such as Ebay because there is no guarantee on payment or on delivery here. There is a lot of liability for a site owner who decides to run an auction from their site, and JP has enough on his mind. Maybe add a thread for auctions where users can post links on ebay to their auctions...


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    tyger_claw, sounds good to me, but I have no idea if JP is gonna go for it. I see the copious amounts of traffic generated here to make any webmaster jealous, and why not make a little commish or percentage on the side for all things sold on this auction site? I love the idea!

    The only thing I can see a problem with is controlling what is sold and dealing with complaints, staff, more servers, etc... I have no idea what kind of resources JP has, but I really think JP has better ways to utilize his site with. But then again, I have been wrong. What do you think, JP?

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    TC nice idea
    System_Overload also made this sugestion but it was kicked out
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    It would pose some serious prolems, such as the over bids as you explained. But it would be nice to have an additional signup for such an idea. Perhaps it could require something to filter the dumb***es.

    Oh well, just my three cents
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    /me likes the idea...
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    Yeh, this was requested probably about 9 months or so ago, and it never got implemented. It had a good bit of support, too, but that's a heck of a lot of things for JP to do, and it's hard to trust people online to send your money or your products when the transaction is decided.

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    I like it but I don't think it will ever happen, it would be much better just to have a thread with links to eBay auctions, that way you're gauranteed a product and payment and JP has more time to work on this site
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