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Thread: Sorry :(

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    Sorry :(

    Dear AO members,

    Please dont read this letter as me sucking up. i just wanted you to know that just because someone posts something you dont understand, or something you find offensive and wrong, doesnt mean that there is something wrong with it. I almost got banned because i posted and all it said was "how would you create a new birth certificate" (something like that). I got flammed for it. that post doesnt show any sign about forgery or the fact that i wanted one to use illegally.

    on the internet there are a few sites about creating new identities (new birht certificate, birth certificate for your 'parents' ect.) and its all legal. i just wanted to know why it wasnt illegal. I might not have explained everything but things like that happen.

    Anyway, i have unsubscibed to all threads and am planning on a fresh start. Again, dont look at this message as me kissing but. (if you looked at it from that persective then i would probably get flammed for apologising)

    From Ascii555,
    Faithful AO member

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    Ascii555, when you post something about getting a new identity of course it's going to get flames for it. Yes, you may have asked with the best of intentions, but asking about illegal things such as changing an identity will only make things bad for you.

    Anyway, everybody makes mistakes, and I commend you for the apology. And if you decide to change yourself for the better for this site via new identity, then I wish you the best of luck.

    if you looked at it from that persective then i would probably get flammed for apologising
    That happens too....

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    thanks alittelbitnumb, but i dont want to change my identity. its for a Uni project. anyway as someone said before if i was doing a uni project, i should know how all the US stuff works. But im Australian. so i dont know. that why i was asking. anyway

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