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Thread: VisualBasic Help

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    Post VisualBasic Help

    I need help with some VB things. I want to learn how to program client/server applications and other applications with VisualBasic, but Im a complete newbie at it. Can someone help me with a link to a tut or website please? Any help would be appriciated. Thanks!

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    JCHostingAdmin, I have a friend who is working on an app that parses a SQL database for his computer store. I will ask him if he will provide some snippets of code for you. If not, I will see if his buddy has some code...he has a bunch of stuff over the last ten years

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    Thanks. I need all the help I can get lol!

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    Hey JC, take a look here. They make it really simple

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    this two adresses offer a quite good and simple introduction of client/server programming.
    give it a try...


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    Hi JCHostingAdmin, ive got a 'Learn Visual Basic Now' cd in the house which i found really useful when i started out!

    If you want i'll send you a copy, since im such a nice guy =D

    Just let me know if you want me to...


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    Er.. sure, PM me with the details.

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    Hi JC

    You can create client/server software in VB with Winsock.

    Check out http://www.winsockvb.com/ for code snippets and tutorials on how to do it.


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    Thanks to everyone who helped.. Im hoping to program my own client/server program for testing and just to get a better feel for VisualBasic. Thanks everyone!

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