Hello all AO members
I am just trying to make a suggestion inhere about creating a Forum , probably called "Computer Books" or something like that ,so that newbie, and all Ao members will be able to go to the Forum whenever they need any book to read.
Am making this suggestion also to that of ac1d post on computer books, which i think it's Fasinating!
Moreover whenever anybody needed a book to read about computers/security/etc all they need to do is to visit the "Computer Books" Forum, also if anybody has more books to add to that to the Forum, then they should be able to do so!!
Just a suggestion, that i think will help people out in searching/reading books. Cos with what 've learnt that you can never be an Expert/Security Guru/Tech etc without reading books, cos reading Books helps a lot in different aspect of life.
Here is the link to ac1d post, which i think it's great http://www.antionline.com/showthread...hreadid=232894

so at the end, this site should be able to have a Forum on computer Books!! which i think its great, and will help lots inhere

pls, this is just an idea