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Thread: I'm such a dumbass

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    Unhappy I'm such a dumbass

    Geez, sorry guys, I really am. I just had to suicidal threads in one day, never happened before. I'm going to explain myself.
    Cactus thread: My post in that thread was partly a joke, and then I edited it to comment on the apology, I was actually going to even out clonak because he had apolgized.
    Uh ho thread: This thread was pretty much a joke, I remember I made a post before, and had it deleted, but the link stayed on the main page, I then had it explained to me that the thread had been hidden but the link stayed on the main page. I forget the actual mod who did that, but I just put in negative's name because he is the only mod I know, and a pretty nice guy, so I figured he wouldn't mind. I was in no way taking a shot at negative, I wasn't blaming him for anything, so sorry if it sounded like that. Negative, you didn't take it seriously did you? Well, still, sorry for that thread everybody, next time I do something like that (which won't be for a few years) I'll make sure to clean it up and let everybody know that I was joking.
    So, sorry AO, made a few dumb posts, I'll try not to let it happen again.

    I just had to suicidal threads in one day, never happened before. I'm going to explain myself
    I meant to say two, my spelling has been off lately.

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    Don't feel bad, my friend. I got up this morning and found a LARGE part of my ass missing too....such is life.
    It isn't paranoia when you KNOW they're out to get you...

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    Ya, dont feel bad. I'm happy to say, though, my ass was fine this morning.

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    khakisrule not meaning to bitch but how many sorry thread`s is this now. cant u just swallow u r pride and exept the negs you get instead of another sorry thread cuz in my eyes this is what im seeing the now az i read this. get over it AP arent everything hey in another hand it could be worse u could be on the close to being banned list think your self lucky you have AP`s left. ppl here are strugilling to get AP and you still have some so dont worry to much about it chill im sure ppl arent going to hold a grudge either
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    Hey at least you're honest, right?

    Anyway, on a serious note, I can understand you wanting to explain yourself, but I have to agree with prodikal... why not just accept that you made a mistake and move on, proving that you made a mistake by becoming a great addition to this community. No offense, but we don't everyone trying to explain their mistakes to us... it's a waste of space and, in my opinion, pretty pointless...


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    khakisrule, everybody makes mistakes. Heaven only knows I have made my share of them to say the least. Man, do not sweat it, just live, learn and move on. That's the best anybody can do. Also, as you know, senior members have been the source of un-needed blame and abuse from people who complain about bad things that happen to them, so I guess that is why you might have gotten hit so hard.

    Whatever the case might be, just move on.

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    Geez, I didn't want greens, but people really got the wrong impressions with my posts, so I felt the need to explain. I really didn't expect negs for this. I was going to make up for it with tutorials and stuff, make it up to the community.

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