WinXP as only Windows available?
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Thread: WinXP as only Windows available?

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    WinXP as only Windows available?

    Hi again.

    I've heared some rumour that Micro$oft is planning to only produce WinXP and drop all other versions of the operating system.

    Is there some truth in it? I mean, they're going to shut down all support for Win9x, WinNT and Win2k.

    But this is just a rumour I heared, maybe you can tell me more?

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    There was already a string about this... aptly titled "m$ says F-U to win 9x users "

    Also helpful is the m$ official site first posted by ammo...

    That should answer u'r questions regarding support (or lack thereof)

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    Most likely since the already rounded up the existing versions of office 2000 and burned them. I think its still a little early to drop windows 2000 but you never know with M$.
    Its not software piracy. Iím just making multiple off site backups.

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    I can believe that MS would drop all the other OSes. They are planning on the new Activation Key encryption for the service pack, and with that they won't want anyone using illegal copies of their software. 9X and 2K are the easiest to get keys for, but XP is getting harder and harder to get around activation.

    Just another reason to start using Linux.

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    Actually, Magistrate, the new WPA encryption for SP1 was actually untrue. They are disabling a series of specific corporate keys with SP1 but that is all. Here's some more info:

    Also, if you use keys for either Windows 9x or 2000, you are officially pirating software, something that many professionals (including myself) frown upon. If you like a software package or operating system, why not pay for it? Everyone complains about how buggy Windows software is, but how is a company going to make it better if they don't make enough revenue to put enough aside to develop a more complete, less "buggy" program in the future? If you want to use Windows (any version), just go out and buy it. It's worth the investment and at least that way, not only are you supporting the company which made the product, but you are also not breaking the law.


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    Preach on brotha,
    All kidding aside I agree with you avdven. I personally don't think that M$ is going to stop suppport for all other operating systems. There is far too much revanue to be made selling there old OS's with the new. When I go to Wall-Mart I still see people bying Win 98 so I think were safe if you still want to buy ME, 2000, or some shyt like that.
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    AFAIK, Win9x is no longer supported as of late this year, although as per usual the date will slide around
    a bit. Windows 2000 on the other hand, has a projected best-before-date of 2003. The Links and threads
    posted above will indeed provide more information for you.
    Personally, although this is a topic for another thread, Win98 should be released into the Public Domain,
    Source and all. There are numerous groups out there that support the idea of OrphanWare
    (many name variations exist), software (usually games) that are no longer supported by their o
    riginal publishers, but are still fairly popular. Win9x could benefit from a community that has a
    vested interest in the OS, but no mandate as per M$ to further bloat the code-base.
    Of course, there are the *odd* legal wranglings over the software ownership blahblahblah....*sigh*

    Maybe I should have posted this in another thread after all...just woke up, haven't had my full 3-cup kickstart...

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