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Thread: News forum

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    Jun 2002

    News forum

    Well, if you read my last post you are already up to speed, if not, then plz read the rest of my message. Now I have been told that the idea of a news forum has already been suggested, and nothing had been done, well, maybe if the people of AO come together in great numbers, we can get a forum for news. I wanted to look through some news stories, but I couldn't go through all of chit-chat, that forum is massive, so I think AO needs a news forum, or maybe a tech news forum.

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    Jun 2002
    I'm game, but would like it to stay focused on tech. I say tech and not security not to leave security out but because generally it should go without saying that the majority of tech advances are going to affect security.
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    Jul 2002
    I agree, it will keep the news organized so people can have quick access to what is going on
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    I don't think a news "forum" would be a good idea, but a news postboard or something would. Where you could put up a URL and a brief description, but not any lengthy comments or discussions could go on about it. This would not clutter up the main page, and only the topics that a few people thought were truly important and should be debated would be brought up in another forum for discussion. So, yeh, a postboard I think would be a good idea, but not a news-based forum.

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    Aug 2001
    A long time ago (before a lot of you were probably here) there actually were news highlights. That's actually why I started coming to AO in the first place... because it offered my computer news which I could not find elseware, or, if I did, it was extremely hard to find. Nowadays, though, there are great archives such as Slashdot which offer more news than anyone can ever want. I mean, I understand that you want this to be a better community and offer more support, but you can't hope to have the entire web based from one site... There are more than enough news sites out there to choose from... why clutter up AO's server with even more things which are just gonig to be links to other sites anyway? Just my opinion.


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    Jun 2002
    I didn't just want to let people know something was happening, but discuss it as well. A forum where news would be posted, and if it warranted it, it would also be discussed. For example, take palladium, it was quite the news when it was first announced, and it was interesting and lots of people wanted to talk about it, and then the post sat in chit-chat, well, it doesn't really fit there. I hope that more clearly expresses what I was thinking about.

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