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Thread: tracking ip through norton firewall?

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    tracking ip through norton firewall?

    Hi! will anyone here tell me how one can trace others ip address, on AOL while at peer 2 peer connection. when other person do have a firewall enabled?

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    very interesting question, sorry i dont have an answear too it. But i would really like to know that my self.

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    fire walls dont stop tracing, to the firewall at least. Firewalls may drop or deny icmp packets, but it dosn't erase the route they took to get there. just use tracert

    my apologies. i just scanned 1214 on my ip block then tried to trace them!!??!!

    when did they start that?

    But no problem, these blocks to tracert only seem to be occuring on internal network requests. you have to get outside their network to get the info.

    try going here:


    they run a tracert using a server side script.
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