I think AO needs a forum focused to hardware issues and system builders, not dedicated to security explicitly. I had to spend 2 to 3 hours searching for any posts concerning using mutiple modems in win2k. I finally posted a new thread in chit chat. I do not think that chit chat gives a technical/hardware issue type thread a fair chance. I also think that the chit chat forum is too large to search through in order to avoid posting on something that has already been covered.
I hope that this issue has not been covered before as I only spent about an hour searching for a tech forum suggestion thread.

<edit> As a hardware engineer and system builder myself I can offer the AO community a lot of useful help and information in my field, I am fairly new to security and programming issues ( AO is quickly changing this ) and I feel a need for a place to review new advances in technology at a component level. </edit>