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    It would be a lot easier for things to be found if the majority of the real techies that know their stuff and used to frequent the AO grounds didn't get disgusted with the relative recent decline in the forums and bail...

    This way, you'd have relatively new answers (last week instead of last year perhaps) along with the ability to actually track down and pm the person who wrote it and talk to them instead of reading their stuff from last month/year and futiley trying to find them because they left in disgust. As it is now, another forum is a waste of time. I think there's too many as it is but my opinion is but one.
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    Well aeallison, It looks like we are the minority around here. I think that hardware related and tech related forums would be good but I see the point that have been posted here. I think techiechic is right on this one. I will however start the hardware posts I have been prepareing in whatever forum seems most appropriate. I think that whoever has an instrest will read them so I'm good to go.
    As far as forums being diluted as Terr was mentioning I would suggest that any forum not in use be removed. AO is big but it is also diverse. I believe that because of this constantly shifting diversity in clientel AO could use several forum changes. IMHO I say we get rid of some of the old to make room for the new.

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