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Thread: Antipoints for private messages

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    Antipoints for private messages


    I wonder why there is no option to spend antipoints on users who send private messages.

    How do I come onto this idea?

    My English isnt good and sometimes users send me pm's to tell me what I wrote
    wrong and so they help me improving my English.

    Im sad that I cant honour this help with some positive antipoints

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    monoton, the idea has good intentions, but think of the problems that could go along with it. The abuse, the complaints, the moaning, groaning and well, you get the picture. Also, as a fair warning, the AP issue has been beaten so many times that everytime anything remotely talking about it makes people cringe, including myself.

    If you need to commend somebody for a job well done in a PM, say so They will appreciate the gesture.

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    Hmm... I think you are right alittlebitnumb.

    I can imagine people who starting personal-message-wars and killing eachother with
    antipoints. Im sad about this.

    But I just want to say "thank you very much" to the people who help me to improve my English

    Please keep on.

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    I would have to agree with alittlebitnumb. The idea of having APs for PMs is a good thought, but it has bad implementations. I don't even get enough PMs to want to send APs out because of them.

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    WTF? PMs are PRIVATE Messages, They are not meant to be rated.... If you want to give points to the person who sent you the PM just find a post of theirs, is it that hard?

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    @ ac1dsp3ctrum

    I already did so

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    PM's don't generally contribute anything to the community. I really can't imagine any PM worthwhile to spend AP's on.
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    Well, first of all, the person recieving the APs would know exactly who gave them out... Secondly, it makes it impossible for the text to the peer-reviewed.
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    I agree with everyone else, this would lead to serious abuses of the AntiPoints System.

    I appreciate your suggestion though!

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