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Thread: Lycoris Linux

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    Lycoris Linux

    Hey all here is an operating system that I wanted to tell you all about. (You might have to go to one of the mirrors to download, Denmark is thebest so far.)
    Evilseed first posted and told a little about it here http://www.antionline.com/showthread...hlight=redmond
    I downloaded and installed it and it works great. It is easy to install and like evilseed said you can play solitare while it installs. The part I like about it is that if you have a windows network you can access your MS shares from linux and your linux shares from Windows.
    You can download the theme to make it look just like XP.

    This OS is great for people trying to learn linux but still want to stick with the windows enviroment. You have on your desktop a "My computer", "My network places", "My Files", and "Recycle bin".
    So check this one out and tell me how you like it.
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    casper3699, it sounds great

    But there is something I do not understand. While I respect that some people have a hard time migrating from WIndows to a *NIX enviroment, why are so many distros wanting to be like WIndows? *NIX and WIndows are so different that no matter what you do, it's still gonna be, *NIX. I do not mean to rant, but what's with that?

    /goes and downloads it...


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    The reason so many linux distros are trying to be windows is because thats what it will take to get a large portation of windows users to try linux. I'm sure lycoris has its place but with easy to use distros like mandrake i'm not sure It will become the next big thing. Plus its only a matter of time before microsoft copyrights the windows color theme.
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