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Thread: RH 7.1 LILO limitation?

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    Question RH 7.1 LILO limitation?

    Hi Everybody,
    I have a 80GB HDD with partitions of 15GB, 20GB, 25GB and 20GB. I want to install WinXP on 15GB, Win2K on 20GB, RH Linux 7.1 on 20GB and use 25GB for data sharing.
    I know that earlier versions of LILO had a limitation of having to be placed before the 1024th cylinder. I wanted to know if RH 7.1 LILO also suffers from the same limitation. If not, then I can go ahead with the plan I mentioned above. If LILO has this limitation still, can sombody tell me a way to implement the above plan. Any information or links will be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.


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    I think lilo will do the job... if it doesn't then u can always use the bootmanager GRUB (it comes with RH 7.3)
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    you can leave a small (20-30Mb) gap (unpartitioned space) at the start of the drive, the only major gotcha is that win2k & XP should be installed before *nix (m$ is annoying in it's ability to trash any non-m$ boot records)
    Lilo (recent versions) aren't limited by the 1024 cyl but it's always good practice to have a good idea of what partitions will be on a drive before you fdisk etc.

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