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Thread: Getting Old Games to run on XP.

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    Getting Old Games to run on XP.

    I have a decent collection of games going back to the DOOM days and I had just attempted to install the Titanium Edition of MechWarrior 2 onto my computer wich is now running XP. Before I get flamed with the "You can Do that you stupid *blankety* Moron," I tend not to believe anyone that tells me that until I verify it for myself first hand. I'm sure it's needless to say though, that my attempts have failed at making the game run.

    My question, before I install windows 98 SE and then re-install XP to make this a dual boot machine... Is there an easier way that any other gamer has found such as a DOS or Windows 95 Emulator for XP(aside from the compatibility options in the XP properties)? I like XP better than any other windows yet (although for the home web / ftp server I will only run Linux), and realy don't want to have to go through the trouble of wiping the drive to re-partition it for a dual boot system and all that lovely stuff if I don't have to. My only other option atm is to get the source code and try to patch it up myself to run on XP, which would be more work than Dual Booting.

    Any Advice would be helpful.
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    Dont know if it helps by dos games but have a look on the Application Compatibility Toolkit for Windows XP.

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    right click on the app
    then goto properties
    then goto the combatibility tab and have a play around

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    I believe I've seen I've seen and update at Windows Updates specifically to allow older programs to run on XP. Have been wanting to try it on a friend's system but haven't had the chance :-(

    Good luck!


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    Delyn, the Compatibility Update you are talking about allows only certain games to work, which were incompatible before.

    Raven: If you want to see what games are and aren't supported and some work arounds to get the unsupported ones to work, check out NT Compatible Games Index. You should find whatever you're looking for there. Good luck!


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