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Thread: Mapping Fat32 Drives Under RedHat7.3

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    Mapping Fat32 Drives Under RedHat7.3

    I just installed RedHat (dual-boot with grub) on my main computer that was running Win98SE. I have an entire hard drive dedicated to storing music, movies, documents, installation files, and such thats under a FAT32 file system. I was wondering how I could access this drive under RedHat, I checked the etc/fstab file and I didnt see any indication it existed. Please Help!

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    When I addad a second hard drive and installed RH 7.2
    it automatically added the necessary entry to /etc/fstab
    to mount my existing FAT32 drive. Since your installation
    didn't do it automatically, you must edit /etc/fstab, adding an
    entry for the FAT32 drive. You must also create a mount
    point for it somewhere on your filesystem, something
    like /mnt/C:, which is what I have.

    The line in /etc/fstab might look something like this:

    /dev/hda1 /mnt/C: msdos defaults

    You might put FAT32 instead of msdos

    read the man page for fstab

    I went ant checked my /etc/fstab and found:

    /dev/hda1               /mnt/c:                 vfat    noauto,user

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    Here's what you do. First type fdisk -l
    Then check which partition is Win95 Fat32.
    Then add the following line to your fstab.
    /dev/hda?               /mnt/dos                 vfat    defaults 0 0
    where hda? is your FAT32 partition.
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    Thanks for the help, sadly it took me a while that I had to create a new directory in the /mnt folder for it.

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