I just got a Admin Job at my New School,its a new school they have like 2 years , 2 weeks ago we setup the whole network, and the teachers told me that when they had the old network the students used to do all kinds of stuff to Fuc% the computers. they decided that only the admin username should be used to logging to the computers and inside the admin account changeing identidies , but because the principal and i were the only ones with the password, and i had to wake up early every day to go and get the network online, because they don't whant the network to stay up 24/7, but i recieved an email a few hours ago, that i could put 2 user accounts at the Welcome Screen, but i was testing in my own computer, and i created the accounts, and they didn't show up at the Welcome Screen, what do you think i did wrong? ? ?

any other suggestions that could help secure the school network

by the way im using Win XP pro on all the computers at my school.

any programs or security messurements that any of you recomend i would apreciate.

thanks in advanced