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Thread: New EULA forces upgrades...

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    Angry New EULA forces upgrades...

    In a past post, it talked about Microsoft wanting admin rights to your box as found in this article. Now, under the new EULA, MS is asking to automatically update your box for you (and we all know why this is happening). Here's the story: http://www.theregister.co.uk/content/4/26517.html

    This is interesting, because in the past, users had a choice as to when or where updates would be applied. Now, there is no choice. MS just downloads it for you. Not that is a bad thing, but what if it was in some critical or bad time (especially for 56k users)? Now this does not apply to corporate editions of WinXP... and curiously enough, I have to agree:

    Consent-based push, then. And pretty similar to what you already get in Windows Update, for sure. But what's it doing in the installation sequence?
    I have no idea, but this is sure to make many wonder because of

    And as he points out, this could be back door for future DRM technologies. Such a clause was smuggled into a security patch in June.
    and that is not good. And furthermore, in this article, it points out

    "Reasonable efforts to post notices" somewhere on the Web. I think it's clear from the wording that MS has absolutely no intention of bringing this behavior to our attention.
    Hm. Everybody is probing and prodding in your OS now. What makes me wonder is the new proposal Bill Gates calls "Trustworthy Computing" as found in this article: How can this be trustworthy computing when there are so many fingers doing the things we are supposed to do in the first place? Can they just leave us alone and let us choose when we apply updates and better yet, not tell the whole world?

    I have no idea. This is Microsoft.

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    what bill really wants to say is that " I Want damn button to control everyone's life , give ur control to me or i'll update u to my cutody"

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    Have only two words to say about this recent development.

    "It Sucks".
    Resistance is futile, prepare to be assimilated.

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    If that's not good enough I found another paragraph in SP3's EULA that is just as annoying:

    * If you choose to utilize the update features within the OS
    Product or OS Components, it is necessary to use certain
    computer system, hardware, and software information to
    implement the features. By using these features, you
    explicitly authorize Microsoft or its designated agent to
    access and utilize the necessary information for updating
    purposes. Microsoft may use this information solely to
    improve our products or to provide customized services or
    technologies to you. Microsoft may disclose this
    information to others, but not in a form that personally
    identifies you.
    To me, this sounds dangerously like spyware at the very least. This is simply intollerable. I personally will be boycotting windows until this nonsense stops. Or better yet, hope open-source rules the desktop world.

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    Jeezus I knew I should have completely switched to Linux a long time ago....

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    yeah, they install the "automatic updating" feature with SP3 by default, so they can push these updates to your computer. i NEVER install this auto update feature, i always like to install only the patches that i need. i always wonder what is it sending to good ol bill. i am....oh wait, let me done some fire retardent...a microsoft guy, but dang billy boy.....?


    you can disable this feature here:

    \\control panel\automatic updates\ - uncheck box to disable automatic update feature.

    and...don't forget.

    \\services\automatic updates\ - stop service if running and set to disabled.

    for anyone that didn't already know.
    just making some minor adjustments to your system....

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    hell, yes, that's why i've made use of "xp-antispy", and why i've got a desktop-firewall, wich (hopefully) blocks all connections from and to m$.

    you know xp-antispy? it deactivates "all" of thos phone-home activities of windows xp

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    Gota go with the main view..

    Microsoft are trying it on and need to understand that buying MS software does not invite the company in to a free lunch.

    We block these style connections at our perimeter.

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    Originally posted by aragorn28
    We block these style connections at our perimeter.
    Your missing the point

    it's not about stopping inbound M$ crap, it's about stopping any M$ box's phoning home and downloading patch's, trojans, keyloggers etc.
    It's the outbound stuff that gets past the firewalls, just look at www.grc.com (leaktest) for an example of what can happen when firewalls let stuff out from the inside (as most do to some extent)
    Big Brother is alive and eating at Bills table getting fat on your diminished privacy and security.

    [glowpurple]manually editing your config files can break them. If this happens, you get to keep both pieces. [/glowpurple]

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