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Thread: ::UPDATE::Basic Unix command usage

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    ::UPDATE::Basic Unix command usage

    This is an update to my last tut, "Unix vs DOS Basic Commands". I have now gone more into how to use some commands and will be adding more command usage/syntax in later updates.
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    UNIX Command help---> For Newbies and experts alike...

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    Not bad for the newbies. Good place for them to begin.

    One mistake that should be noted :
    chmod is listed under dos command where as attrib is listed as a *nix command. Switch 'em around and it's all good.
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    Looks good. I'll read up on this one right after I'm done the first one...

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    with regard to the attrib/chmod:

    attrib has nothing to do with file permissions - what attrib does there is no equivalent for in unix (if there were it would more than likely be implemented in stat). there is a program that is command based for winnt 4/5 (err. ntfs more specifically) called cacls which performs a rough translation of chmod.

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