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Thread: Help Children Asylum Seekers

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    Help Children Asylum Seekers

    I'm posting this here cause it really is the best place. I want to thank Neg for the venue. I am an older member here both in age and now in posts. I enjoy it here cause I get to see some of the best and youngest minds and some actually talk to me in PM time to time. So here is the thing and I'm not bashing the US by posting this as it is simply fact. The USA holds up so many people and countries to standards that often we fail to meet. This issue is a grave matter here in the USA and even younger members here think they cannot do anything you can cause you can tell your parents of these issues, or at school and you should by any means you can. Anyway to the point the USA has found within it's airports or crossing it's borders children go to http://www.womenscommission.org and then to Issues & Legisiation button. If you are in the USA then read if you are not then send the information there to your leaders. No child need suffer and if the USA hold a candle up then it must live by the rules they expect of the rest of the world.
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    Brilliantly said....

    Sadly, it's not just the US. Australia has just had a servere rap over the knuckles from the UN for holding child asylum seekers in custody with adults for long periods of time....

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    Our Govt will fall hopefully for the wrong actions it has takin against the refugee's this past 2 years..
    Today's paper states that we have spent $800 million on patrolling the northern sea's to keep out refugee's..I'm sure the people will vote and say this idea has failed and must be changed.

    Afghanistan is not safe to live in yet and we need to help these people until the place becomes livable again...Especially the Children!!

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    I can't tell you how happy I am to see one of my causes brought up here ...it makes my day! If everyone could take a few moments to look at the sad part of this whole US/Afghanistan thing...it's heartbreaking the conditions that the women and children of this part of the world live in. It doesn't matter in the scope of things what has gone before, what needs to be confronted now is the fact that women are being raped and killed, children are being abused, molested and neglected, and it should stop. It doesn't matter your political feeling, or your religious background, or your age, color, ethnic background, or anything else. What matters here is that there are other HUMAN BEINGS who need your help. This is a cause that more people should take the time to be interested in. In the 21st century, it is a shame to all of us that nothing is being done. THESE are the headlines we should be reading about every day, not what Congressman has gotten up to something with some teenage debutante, or what the people in Hollywood are wearing today, or anything else. When you think of what you have in your life, and compare it to what these poor women and children have to go thru to get a meal, or a bath, or someplace safe to sleep...your heart should break.

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    Most governments are cynical and politically biased on the subject
    of refugees. During the cild war, the USA rolled out the red carpet
    for people fleeing from communist countries, but turned the
    cold shoulder toward those from some other places.

    If people could successfully argue that they were fleeing political
    persecution, and came from a nation that we considered an adversary,
    our government would welcome them, in order to embarrass the
    country in question.

    If people were attempting to escape starvation caused by their government's
    mismanagement of the economy, and the country was considered a
    friend of the USA, they were dismissed as mere economic refugees
    and ruthlessly sent back to die.

    IMO, European countries are worse, and of course, there were the recent
    incidents in Australia to show that no one loves a refugee.

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    This is a very current issue that affects all countries, Holland as well since we have like 25.000 refugees who get to stay every year.
    Altough the system still doesn't run smoothly, right and left-winged minded people keep bashing each other up without coming up with real solutions.
    Especially now the new (not so stable)government announced a 90% budget cut for giving asylum.

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    Well i think the same can be said for SA . We get refugees from Angola,Mosambiqua,Botswana,Swaziland etc.What i cannot understand is that our goverment allows that and yet it is the very thing that cripples a country.It results in job losses which in turn leads to poverty and everything that goes with that which will eventually happen.What makes matters even worse is the ultimate question of the death penalty which has been abandond.If this is not encouragement for a rapist or robber i really don't know what is.

    I think it is time for politics to stay out of the picture and take a real look at what happens on their own soil.Spend hard earned taxpayers money wisely and they will reap the rewards eventually.

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    The Media has made a hash of the australian "Refugee" situation.
    and of course, there were the recent
    incidents in Australia to show that no one loves a refugee
    1/ the people in question entered our country from another that had already given them assylum..
    2/ we do accept refugees, and assylum seekers.. from the camps in the Neighbouring countries to where the refugeees come from.. these are not sent to detention centers.. but enter our society.
    3/ is the USA still shooting/detaining "border crossers" from Mexico?
    4/Could governments work harder to help refugees.. YES
    5/ could ALL of us help yes..
    6/ My opening comment again... the media has made a hash of the australian "Refugee" situation.
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