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Thread: Iana.org and its tactics

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    Post Iana.org and its tactics

    For those of you unfamiliar with net security, this will help you and protect you. The wonderful Swedish government setup and maintains www.iana.org, which is a website dedicated to brutalization of computers. These are legal hackers who go out on the net and spy on computers, networks, and anything they can. First off, let me warn all who read this: DO NOT VISIT THEIR WEBSITE!!! They put cookies on your computer and track you and any data you put out or let in. Now: Their methods...
    1) cookies--they use these to monitor your computer and explore throughout your system. To delete these for Windows, delete the stuff in your temp folder and temp internet folder. If you have IE just use "delete cookies" under tools, internet options. Or, you can get a program such as Spy Detect and have it "munch web cookies"
    2) probes and scans--they do constant probes and scans of the internet to find computers that are weak security wise, and will exploit these weaknesses and then monitor your system and look through your harddrive. To defeat this you need a firewall of some sort and have to block ALL traffic from the ip addresses at as these are the addresses reserved by iana.
    3) DoS--Iana monitors as much internet activity as they can and if they even ssuspect packets that you are sending out or think that you are going too fast for your own good as you speed along through the web, they will DoS your system. Come on now, Iana! DoS is used as a last resort by hackers and even they hate doing it, but you guys do it so often and don't care! They use mostly ICMP DoS attacks such as ICMP echo storms, ICMP floods, and ICMP empty echo requests to slow down or shutdown your connection. A firewall is neccessary to block this.
    Now, if you wish to respond to these attacks by Iana, you must spoof your IP and spoof it well. Should IANA be legally allowed to launch such attacks and do such activities? Well, let me put it this way: "Dedicated to preserving the central coordinating functions of the global Internet for the public good." That is their moto...need I say more?
    This was a mix of tutorial and informational, so I stuck it in the tutorial.... Hope no one minds, but if you do, it's a little late now to move it, eh?

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    Re: Iana.org and its tactics

    Originally posted here by dohedo
    ALL traffic from the ip addresses at as these are the addresses reserved by iana.
    Is this a joke? I think you should stick it in Tech Humour.. Or else people are gonna flame you and give you negs.

    Umm... are reserved for private networks. They are non-routable IP addresses.

    And IANA stands for Internet Assigned Numbers Authority.. www.iana.org

    Nice try though....


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    Are you sure you have the right site? As far as I know, IANA and ICANN work together, tracking assigned names for sites and domains. They don't do any "legal hacking" as you put it. As for their security methods:

    1) cookies - almost all sites nowadays (including this one) have cookies and there's not much you can really do about it. I personally block everything that's not from a trusted source, but sometimes that keeps me from being able to do certain things. If you actually get their cookie and surf around with it a bit, you'll notice that it doesn't change at all, so there's no way that they can track your surfing habits with it. Sorry.

    2) probes and scans - It's true that they do a great deal of probes and scans (as many servers do), but they don't do it to look for weaknesses... they do it check for active connections on various domains.

    3) - DoS - I don't know where you got this information, but IANA does not send DoS attacks. To anyone. Period.

    I don't know where your information came from, but I suggest that you delete this thread considering you are completely inaccurate in your assessment of IANA. If you think you are legit, prove it by offering some sources to back up this information. It sounds more like this is either a joke, or, for some reason, you're pissed off at them, and are trying to get others to somehow lash out at them...


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    *snaps fingers* you beat me to it. My eyebrows went up at the 10.x.x.x part, and I stopped reading soon after... this thread needs to meet its demise....

    Remember -
    The ark was built by amatures...
    The Titanic was built by professionals.

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    Er... the thread might commit suicide and so will your account so delete the thread dude.

    Also, why is this in the tut forum?

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