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Thread: Education Tutorials???

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    Education Tutorials???

    I have placed on two new tutorials that are more User Education. Would it be practical to have another forum that is similiar to tutorials, but called User Education or something along those lines?

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    I think its a good idea. I got a message telling me that someone thought I was posting my 5 part why NT/2k is more stable paper just to get into the top 10 tutorial brackets. I was just tryin to educate the masses. But I'll be posting the rest of them in General Chit Chat with links to the first ones in the tutorials section to make whoever it was happy.

    I think its a good idea.

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    No, tutorials belong in the tutorials forum. It seems kind of redundant to start up additional forums, and would probably lead to little traffic in either.

    Thanks for your suggestion though, I appreciate it!

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